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One step ahead of the customer: SEMPA SYSTEMS GmbH achieves highest turnover in company history

  • Orders more than doubled to nearly 50 million euros
  • Dresden company continues on a clear growth trajectory
  • Further growth also planned in employee numbers

Dresden, 03.05.2022. While the coronavirus pandemic and now Russia's aggressive war on Ukraine are reflected in many balance sheet books, Dresden-based SEMPA SYSTEMS GmbH announced on 30.04.2022 a surprise increase in orders at the end of the 2021 financial year – which had more than doubled, to almost EUR 50 million – and further significant growth plans.

"Of course, the question is how we managed this at a time when many others in the semiconductor industry are struggling," says Dr. Jörg Koch, Managing Director of SEMPA. "We were also faced with the huge challenge of planning and implementing change processes that included succession planning. The fact that we were so successful in this realignment is due to our self-image as a company. We have drawn on our most important strength – our uncompromising desire to know and understand the needs of our customers and develop solutions for them. We were able to not only increase the number of orders in the semiconductor sector, but also achieve further successes in the pharmaceutical industry. At our SEMPA LAB, for example, our customers have the opportunity to test process chemicals or technology in advance, which shortens the time to market enormously. But," Koch pauses, "we also owe this success in particular to our employees, who were involved in these change processes and also drove this will to change. And all this during a period associated with great personal and family restrictions for many. We would like to thank each and every member of staff for this," says Koch, clearly moved.

Headquartered near Dresden Airport, SEMPA specialises in the development and production of process solutions for gas and chemicals. In addition to high purity media supply systems, evaporation systems are also offered. The company name is a composite of the words 'semiconductor' and 'partnership'.

"Our customers appreciate our performance, which is reflected in the high order numbers. We don't just ask ourselves what our customers need today, but also focus on what challenges they might encounter in the future," says the PhD physicist Koch. "High-tech industries are evolving at a tremendous pace and we don't wait for our clients to bring their concerns to us. For example, when the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine became apparent, we sat down with our suppliers at a very early stage and were able to secure important supply chains. We'll continue to focus our efforts and we intend to grow significantly in 2023 and 2024 – not just in terms of turnover, but also in the number of employees. We welcome anyone who understands where we're going and wants to come with us."

SEMPA increased the number of employees by almost a third in 2021 and currently employs over 100 people at its sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf (Thuringia), including eight trainees. Four apprenticeship places are still available for 2022 in the commercial areas, production and information technology.

Our mission

unsurpassed safety and highest purity

If your production process requires safe and contamination-free supply of precursor chemistry SEMPA is your partner of choice. SEMPA SYSTEMS has been focussing on the development and production of high purity supply systems for gases and liquids. Furthermore we are offering innovative evaporation systems for all kinds of precursor chemicals.

Company History




Foundation by Kurt Pietsch  (Founder & Managing Director)
Headquarter Dresden and subsidiary Hermsdorf


First liquid MO supply systems


Market entry Asia


Market entry US


Dr. Jörg Koch joins SEMPA  (Managing Director Business Development)


New manufacturing facility - 2000 sqm manufacturing, 120 sqm clean room, 1000 sqm office


Launch of new product family




New Management team takes the lead
Dr. Jörg Koch (Managing Director)
Daniel Schlamm (General Manager)
André Scheumann (Commercial Director)

  • Professional Team

    Engineering systems which deal with dangerous and sensitive materials require experienced professionals. Choosing SEMPA gives you direct access to industry leading specialists.

  • SEMPA products

    Our products are precisely aligned with your process requirements. This leads to seamless gas and chemical supply, safe design and optimized cost-of-ownership.

  • SEMPA Manufacturing

    Our total commitment to quality is the basis of our day-to-day doing. We entertain a cleanroom for assembly of your system components. Our inspection procedures ensure zero deficiencies and also our suppliers are committed to our quality promise. SEMPA holds certification for ISO 9001-2015 and DIN EN ISO 3834-3.

  • SEMPA on-site services

    Your SEMPA Products get installed by our professional team. Our start-up procedures ensure safe and seamless operation. You will receive detailed product training and best handling practices are provided.


    Our SEMPA LAB is truly unique in the industry. We are able testing your novel precursor chemical, before it enters your production. This greatly mitigates risk and leads to optimized handling procedures and safest design. Please contact us to learn how SEMPA LAB could help improving your time-to-market for new products.



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