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Enabling highest flows

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Enabling highest flows and precision

For modern processes with complex substrates, huge and precise amounts of precursor are required in order to achieve the desired thin film properties. Therefore a well defined amount of precursor must be fed into the process chambers in a short time. It’s impossible to achieve such high flow rates and precision with conventional evaporators or gas systems.

SEMPA develops and designs direct liquid injection evaporator (DLI) solutions adapted to the chemistry and thin film process to overcome these limitations.


A custom evaporator developed by SEMPA SYSTEMS is the heart of our DLI systems.

Well-defined amount of liquid chemical is injected into a mixing valve. In this special mixing chamber, together with a carrier gas an aerosol is formed. Through the addition of thermal energy inside the SEMPA Evaporator the aerosol evaporates.

By this method, the precursor is optimally evaporated.

SEMPA's experienced engineers and system architects design evaporator systems tailored to your process. This ranges from special designed Vapor Draw Systems and Bubbler Cabinets to DLI evaporator solutions integrated into semiconductor OEM tools.

Our VAPOR'BOT evaporator systems really make an impact in performance and process improvements. Please also have a look what they can do for you.

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