Facility Installations

Decades of experience in highest purity installations

Experienced team for on site installations and service

SEMPA’s team of professionals is your experienced partner for any kind of high purity gas and precursor facility installations from 1/8’’ up to 8’’ as well as process vacuum and exhaust piping up to 800mm. Our line of services furthermore includes planning, design and manufacturing of components enabling SEMPA as one-stop-shop for any kind of facility requirement.


    Facility Installation offering:

    • Entire Lab solutions, from planning and design to manufacturing, installation and service
      We support you from the idea to a running Lab-infrastructure, including all installations work, safety concepts, hoop up of process tool and training of your personal
    • Hook up installation of process equipment
      Whether for process gas or precursor or vacuum and exhaust gas piping, we are you competent partner for installing process tools in your fab
    • Filter stations and tubing installations
    • Orbital welding from 1/8’’ up to 8’’ for stainless steel and installations in Hastelloy, Copper, Brass, Monel


    • Forming gas and dosing systems and any other gas mixtures
    • Valve Manifold boxes and panels (VMB’s and VMP’s)
    • Manifolds for trailers and cylinder bundles
    • Container solutions as “stand alone” facility
    • Gas detection
    • Calibration gas supply
    • Consumption measurements 
    • He leak checks, pressure and vacuum tests, moisture and particle measurements, weld checks by endoscopes and x-ray

    Complex UHP pipeline construction to the highest standards and quality

    Complex UHP pipeline construction to the highest standards and quality


    Process vacuum and exhaust installations:

    • Planning and design
    • Piping up to 800mm diameter
    • Integration and control of process pumps and abatements


    SEMPA offers pipeline construction from smallest to large diameters for all processes and materials.


        SEMPA’s team of professionals is constantly working at your facility or fab. Following high purity piping installations we hoop-up production tools to the facility or start-up one of our advanced supply systems. After installation we at your side for all kinds of services. All tasks follow the SEMPA quality promise and keep safety at highest priority.

        SEMPA’s service offering includes:

        • Maintenance and critical spare part list planning
        • Scheduled and preventive maintenance
        • Regular safety checks
        • Leak and component checks
        • Bottle and cylinder exchange service
        • Entire operation of systems
        • 24/7 call service
        • Emergency response
        • Systematic Safety Reviews

        24/7 Professional Service

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